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I started my role as Recruitment Partner at Tammiste Personalibüroo in May 2022 where my task is to bring together employers and the best suitable candidates, whose values and ambitions, as well as skills and wishes, meet with those offered by the employers.

Before joining the Tammiste family, I worked in aviation. I obtained a higher education diploma at the Estonian Aviation Academy after I started working with an Estonian-based airline. Despite the beauty of aircraft and flying, I really enjoyed the work with people, and soon enough, I started as a human resources specialist. Aside from all other HR-related tasks, I was also given the opportunity to participate in flying and office personnel recruitment. Since then I have had many years of experience as an HR specialist and also as a recruiter and am ready to take the next step with the Tammiste team.

With my work, I wish to bring a positive change for the companies that are hiring but also for the candidates and to offer the best candidate experience to all parties.

My last recruitment projects have been:
  • Paged Eesti OÜ - HR Manager
  • Eesti Talleks AS - Assistant
  • SSAB Swedish Steel Eesti OÜ - Indoor Sales Specialist
  • OÜ KLV Arstikabinet - Secretary
  • Balti Kella OÜ - Sales Master

Completed trainings and licenses: