Ingrid Valgma

Ingrid Valgma

Recruitment Partner


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I have studied economics at Tallinn University of Technology, which I graduated in 2000. Main specialty was personnel and organizational management. In addition, I attended PARE basic training of personnel management in 2009. At the end of this training I passed the professional standard exam of second level specialist of personnel management.

In my previous life I have worked with pleasant colleagues in different international service companies. I have been working as a head of the department, which has given me a great opportunity to learn how to manage people and processes. As a head of the department I have also been a member of recruitment team and I have been trainer in internal trainings.

I consider it very important that the person can work in an environment that inspires to work. Co-workers are the persons who create the supportive working environment with good mutual understanding and cooperation and all in the company should move towards same goal. What is more stronger asset for the company than persons who are proud of their own and company`s achievements?

People with the right competencies, values ​​and personality characteristics together can accomplish great things. Having worked in such supportive teams who kept in mind same objectives I believe that I know how to notice those factors which lead together person with the most suitable position and company. It is my great pleasure to be part through Tammiste Personalibüroo of creating such teams.

My last recruitment projects have been:

  • SA Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla -  Assistant Manager for Procurement Service
  • PlusPlus Capital AS - Jurist
  • HANZA Mechanics Narva AS - Supply Chain Manager
  • HANZA Mechanics Narva AS -  Purchasing Manager
  • Civitta Eesti AS - Research and Assesment field Manager
  • Antalis AS - Packing Equipment Sales Manager
  • Civitta Eesti AS - Manager of Public Sector Development Projects
  • Q-haus Baltic OÜ - Manager of Designing Department  

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