Ingrid Valgma

Ingrid Valgma

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I have studied economics at Tallinn University of Technology, which I graduated in 2000. My primary specialty was personnel and organizational management. In addition, I attended PARE basic training in personnel management in 2009. At the end of this training, I passed the professional standard exam for the second-level specialist in personnel management.

In my previous life, I have worked with pleasant colleagues in different international service companies. I have been working as the head of the department, which has given me a great opportunity to learn how to manage people and processes. As the head of the department, I have also been a member of the recruitment team and I have been a trainer in internal trainings.

I consider it very important that the person can work in an environment that inspires them to work. Co-workers are the persons who create a supportive working environment with good mutual understanding and cooperation and all in the company should move towards the same goal. What is more stronger asset for the company than persons who are proud of their own and the company`s achievements?

People with the right competencies, values ​​and personality characteristics together can accomplish great things. Having worked in such supportive teams who kept in mind same objectives I believe that I know how to notice those factors which lead together person with the most suitable position and company. It is my great pleasure to be part of Tammiste Personalibüroo in creating such teams.

My last recruitment projects have been:
  • CIVITTA - Senior Health Consultant
  • Surgitech AS - Compliance Specialist
  • PlusPlus Capital AS - Senior Lawyer
  • Nordic Beach OÜ - Events Project Manager
  • Raja KT OÜ - Purchasing Manager
  • NJ Production OÜ - Global Event Manager
  • Advokaadibüroo RASK OÜ - Marketing Assistant
  • PlusPlus Capital AS - Operations Manager
  • Lantmännen Unibake Estonia AS - Production Planner
  • Civitta Eesti AS - Project Manager of Corporate Finance
  • Royal Unibrew Eesti OÜ - Tanker Production Manager
  • Royal Unibrew Eesti OÜ - Tanker Production and Logistics Planner
  • Monestro - Digital Marketing Manager
  • Monestro - Loan Originators Relations Manager
  • Skepast&Puhkim OÜ - Project Manager of Spatial Planning
  • PlusPlus Capital AS - Group General Counsel
  • BVT Partners OÜ - Accounting Assistant
  • Nordic Beach OÜ - Teras Beach Manager
  • PlusPlus Capital AS - Financial Manager
  • Krimelte OÜ - Communivation Specialist
  • Invent Baltics - Project Manager
  • Invent Baltics - Business Consultant
  • Deloitte Audit Eesti AS - Certified Public Accountant
  • Krimelte OÜ - Marketing Specialist
  • Krimelte OÜ - Technical Manager
  • PlusPlus Capital AS - Lawyer
  • eu-LISA - Junior Administrative Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistants
  • Civitta Eesti AS - Area Manager of Corporate Finance
  • AS Kesko Senukai Estonia - Store Manager
  • Viimsi Keevitus AS - Designer of Water and Sewage Systems
  • Fresh Finance Group - Head of Credit
  • SA Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus - Project Manager
  • eu-Lisa - Senior Accounting Assistant, Senior Assistant (Language Editor) and Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Monestro - Member of the Management
  • Civitta Eesti AS - Senior Analyst in the Research and Development Team
  • Envoice - Growth Marketer
  • Environmental Investment Centre - HR-specialist
  • Environmental Investment Centre - Communication Specialist
  • Chemi-Pharm AS - Office Assistant
  • Clyde Bergemann Eesti AS - Production Manager
  • Fresh Finance Group OÜ - Financial Manager
  • eu-LISA - Internal Communication Specialist
  • eu-LISA - Strategic Planning Consultant
  • Chemi-Pharm AS - Production Workers and Shift Manager
  • Advokaadibüroo RASK OÜ - Assistant
  • SA Tallinna Lastehaigla - IT specialist

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