Kadi Kuuskmann

Kadi Kuuskmann

Recruitment Partner, Trainer


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DiSC certified trainer Kadi Kuuskmann

I have been working in Tammiste Personalibüroo since 2006. I started beside Sirje as an assistant, then continued as a project manager and since 2008, also as a trainer.  

I have gained my education from University of Tallinn, studying Psychology, specializing in Organizational Psychology. I could never have enough from learning, so I’ve continuously complemented my knowledge. The most important trainings for me have been:

  • Personnel Managers’ Development Program at Estonian Business School
  • Training program for Communication Coaches
  • Training of a DiSC Consultant – I am a licensed consultant/trainer of the DiSC method

In finding the right people, it is important for me to understand the business of a client – what will ensure the success? At the beginning of a recruitment project, I’m also looking for answers to the questions: What kind of people are working in the company and who will fit to their team? What kind of working culture does the company have? What kind of management is applied? What are the development plans? etc.

My last recruitment projects have been:

  • Skepast&Puhkim OÜ - Head of Environmental Management Unit
  • Indetek OÜ - Product Designer
  • OSHINO Electronics Estonia OÜ - Project Manager
  • Edukas suurettevõte - Supply Chain Manager
  • Bauhof Group AS - Business Analyst
  • Metsä Wood Eesti AS - HR Specialist
  • Security Software OÜ - Project Manager
  • Roni REM AS - CEO
  • Jolos OÜ - Project Manager
  • Post11 OÜ - Warehouse Manager

As a Communication Coach and Trainer, I also value personal approach to each team. Every training programme begins with mapping the current situation and the bedrock of a programme will be a goal, where we would like to reach with the training. When there is a goal and a target, you can choose the way to get there! 

As a trainer I enjoy the whole process – creating the programme and materials in the preparatory phase, working with a Group on a training day (each Group is different ant it’s exciting!) and making a summary after the training day. I especially enjoy development programs, where as a trainer I can be besides the participants on a longer training cycle and be the partner for them in developing (communication) skills.  

As a trainer I have carried out:

  • Teamwork trainings based on DiSC behavioral profile
  • Communication skills trainings
  • Value based and teamwork trainings
  • Development programs for managers
  • Various training days

In addition, I have performed with psychology lectures and conducted workshops.

Completed trainings and licenses: