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Merle Rebane

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I have studied economics and business administration at Estonian Business School and organizational behavior at Tallinn University.

I believe in lifelong learning and I have gone through a lot of different management and HR trainings, for example personnel managers’ development program at Estonian Business School and executive coaching certificate program.

I have working experiences from different international service companies as a head of the department since 1998. I have carried out a variety of service projects such as a service manual compilation, conducting of service trainings and in-house service audits.

I believe in value based management. Upon finding the right person, the right competencies and sharing common values are equally important.

My past experience has shown that the success of the company depends on the people working there. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to positive atmosphere, in-house communication and teamwork to achieve the success of shared goals. Positive atmosphere leads to better work satisfaction and better results. Very important is the continuous development of the team.

I joined Tammiste Personalibüroo team in September 2014. I was especially charmed with the dedication and thoroughness of my colleagues during the recruitment process. As a new member I also underwent myself all the possible tests, interviews and group work. I have to admit that it was a long process but it was worth it.

At Tammiste Personalibüroo I help to find the right people for various teams and support their development. I also provide service trainings.  I believe that with my extensive leadership experience in acting as a trainer  I can be a good partner for business leaders and human resource managers.

My last recruitment projects have been:

  • Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS - IT Project Manager
  • Trendsetter Europe OÜ - Engineering Manager
  • Acrülam OÜ - Sales Specialist
  • Post11 OÜ - Head of Sales Department
  • Invent Baltics OÜ - Business Consultant
  • Civitta Eesti AS - Consultant of Business Support and Counseling
  • Scania Eesti AS - Service Advisor-Warehouse Manager
  • Eesti Energia AS - Manager of Real Estate Management Department

Certificate of The Academy of Executive Coaching
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