What our clients say

Enn Kuslap

Karjamõisa OÜ

Tallinna Vesi
Fast and proper work!

Aivar Kaus

Helland Baltic OÜ

Tallinna Vesi
This was the first experience for us to recruit a key person through a recruitment company. We got three very strong candidates in the final selection, and each of them would probably have done well in the position offered. The preparatory work of the personnel office was done with thoroughness and professionalism, which we certainly would not have been able to do ourselves. There was a very good summary of the shortlisted candidates and they were probably asked to provide enough information about themselves. The process was smooth, the communication was sufficient and we never had any doubts about the chosen partner. If the company does not have enough time resources to recruit key people, I definitely recommend using the services of a personnel office. And I can recommend Tammiste Personalibüroo based on my experience.


Chemi-Pharm AS

Tallinna Vesi

Cooperation with Tammiste Personnel Office gained momentum for us at the beginning of 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the demand for our products multiplied and we had to start recruiting quickly at almost all levels.

The professional activities of Tammiste Personnel Office have been invaluable to us during this fast period, and their quick and dedicated attitude has helped us to deal with the personnel issues much more deeply than we could have done, in addition to rapid growth.

Sirje's ability to quickly understand our real needs and her constructive and systematic approach have greatly facilitated the management's best decision-making in recruitment and helped to improve the quality of the entire recruitment process.

By now, with the help of Tammiste Personnel Office, we have filled several key roles in the organization and we definitely plan to continue cooperation in the future!


Estonian Aviation Academy

Tallinna Vesi

The Estonian Aviation Academy cooperated with Sirje Tammise in recruiting the Vice-Rector for Studies.

Sirje's work style is characterized by systematicness, thoroughness to the last detail and open communication.

The recruitment process was well thought out from start to finish - thorough preparation, constant feedback and a warm manner of communication. All this provided input for making the best decision.

Sirje aims to achieve the best result and does not make concessions, she also considers all the wishes and expectations of the client. Based on her huge experience, she directed and guided us in every situation and issue.

We have had the great pleasure of working with a professional like Sirje. Sirje is a very thorough and good listener - in other words, a top performer in her field! The cooperation of the Aviation Academy with Sirje Tammiste's personnel office will definitely continue!


Ministry of Defence

Tallinna Vesi

Sirje trained our leaders in development interviews. The training was very well prepared - a real tailoring job based on our needs! At the same time, Sirje coped perfectly with our requirements for the scope and content of the training. During the training days, Sirje was well prepared, could answer questions and react flexibly during the training. Our department heads received practical material from the training, which they can use in the preparation of future interviews.



Tallinna Vesi

DiSC training day was very exciting and useful for us. We found out what personality traits our team has and how to communicate wisely with them. The training was exciting and not boring for a moment. The trainer Sirje Tammiste was also very professional, and it was easy to contact her with various questions. At the beginning of the training, she created a very comfortable environment.


Tehnopol Startup Inkubaator

Tallinna Vesi

DiSC training was very useful for our team. We learned who our team members are and now we know how to communicate even better with each other and understand each other's motives and behavior patterns. Thanks to the training day, we can be more efficient in our daily work!


Otto Bock Estonia AS

Tallinna Vesi

Our cooperation with Tammiste Personnel Office during the personnel search, training, coaching and crisis counseling has lasted for almost 8 years. I have known Sirje as a partner for more than 15 years and at that time I decided to recommend her to my new demanding employer. Sirje chooses her team well. Always recommending the best, keeping things simple, honesty, openness, professionalism, quality - these are the keywords when working with them. I have personally learned a lot from Sirje. We have not been an easy partner for them, rather very demanding, but over and over again I have experienced the feeling at the end of the recruitments that the recruitment project was well thought out and carried out by them again. I can always entrust them with even the most difficult work.


The North Estonia Medical Centre

Tallinna Vesi

The experience of cooperating with Tammiste Personnel Office has always been great for us. The key words that have led the Regional Hospital to choose the company managed by Sirje Tammiste to help with personnel searches are - activity, timeliness, confidentiality, and a wide network. As a client, we have felt that we are really welcome and that we are not on the production line, but the recruitment service we want is tailor-made. The healthcare industry needs new and strong top specialists and managers, and Tammiste Personnel Office has advised us meaningfully in these searches and successfully assisted us in choosing the best candidate.


Pärnu Ühisgümnaasium

Tallinna Vesi

On February 27th, 2018, the training conducted by Tammiste Personalibüroo OÜ “Self- and team analysis based on the DiSC model” was held for the teachers of Pärnu Ühisgümnaasium. Sirje Tammiste conducted the training excellently, the training was valuable, developing and thought-provoking. We found out what qualities as a team member we have and what aspects of self-development we need to develop. The training was very pleasant. It was easy to communicate with the trainer as she created a very trusting atmosphere. The teachers' assessment of the training was excellent, and they want to participate in the trainings with Sirje Tammise in the future. The participants especially liked the DiSC feedback material, which thoroughly outlined the person's motivation, work habits and behavior patterns. The strengths of these features that needed to be developed were identified.

Külli Kask

Palmako AS

Tallinna Vesi
Together with Sirje Tammiste we organized a training to our fist and middle level managers, where we grided different communication skills. Especially we paid attention to developing a listening skill, how to conduct job intervews and how to bind new employees to a team. Developing these skills were considered really important by participants. 

Although younger and beginner level managers certainly benefited more, experienced first level managers also evaluated the training to be the most practical human resources management training over couple of years. 

As an HR Manager, I have really noticed that people now think, how to say and then they talk. In addition, our cooperative recruitment projects are much easier to conduct - people understand, why there is a need to do this way and can't be done otherwise. Therefore - well done training! 

Katri-Maria Tiidus

AS Leibur

Tallinna Vesi
DiSC training has made big corrections in my life. Through test results it is possible to move forward step-by-step with different phases, at first conduct more courageous changes at yourself, and based on cognition to look your partners (at home, work, client meetings) through DiSC model. This substantially simplifies oppositions in communication, when you already know how to assess the situation and person. Of course, the most important assessment has to be given to yourself and also to examine, what is possible to change about yourself. Taking this step can be the hardest part but DiSC gives really good instruments for this and expounds specifically every persona type. 
Thanks to a great trainer Kadi, it seemed, that assessment of human types isn't the most complicated thing, the most difficult was to give an assessment to oneself. Kadi knew how to very easily bring out different sides of people and how to give sense to it. 
I would definately undergo another training, already from the great interest that has been raised in me and I hope the entusiasm that arose from Kadi's training, will last longer in me.

Jaana Ukkur

Estonian Defence Forces Medical Training Center

Tallinna Vesi
Two weeks has passed from our teamwork training. It is incredibly good feeling to remind those two days, where our people opened, listened to each other and talked about how they feel. We all agree, that the training was mentally challenging, but highly necessary. When we came back to work, we could see that people noticed and tried to support each other. We hope that this kind of attitude accompanies us in future. 
Thank you, Kadi and Tammiste Personalibüroo's team for preparing a great training. We are all very satisfied, that Kadi was with us on those two days, knew how to look into us and to bring out the most important.


Innove SA

Tallinna Vesi
Outplacement training, conducted by Sirje Tamiste, can be described by thoroughness, professionality and flexibility. The training was like a tailoring, where our organisation's needs were fully taken into account. Seems almost unbelievable, that with training that lasts for two days, it is possible to widen your knowledge that much, starting with the structure of process and finishing with consulting tools. Thanks a lot to Sirje, containing her 30-years experience to one training.  


Harmet OÜ

Tallinna Vesi
The training of effective appraisal interviews was pithy and educational. Feedback from the participants was really positive. The best recognition to the training was, that the managers now have the reassurance and interest against what they have to do, so that the interview would succeed. It is a good sign, that they perceived the importance and necessity of the interview and are ready to provide 100% for its success.


Jardin OÜ

Tallinna Vesi
We would like to thank the consultants for a pleasant and practical cooperation :) You were working really professional on the recruitment process, which I had heard and read before about Tammiste Personalibüroo. We appreciate the thoroughness and are satisfied with the result. Hope that it was enjoyable for you also to recruit the employee for us and I believe that we will meet in future. 

Riho Ever

Luku-Expert OÜ

Tallinna Vesi
We were searching for the Member of a Management Board to our company. We had done it before on our own and didn't succeed. Cooperation with Sirje is characterzed by a very thorough and professional groundwork and a strong commitment that gave excellent results. In addition to effectiveness I could describe the cooperation between us with words "honest" and "effortless". We saved a lot of time and energy. I strongly reccommend!

Alastair Coulter

Baltic Fibres OÜ

Tallinna Vesi
Our company considers managers development really important. We find that it has to be a longer process. In cooperation with Sirje we arranged appraisal interviews, teamwork and time management trainings this year. Thorough preparation was really suitable for us - the trainer made different offers and we had the possibility to choose, with what and in which scope we would like to continue this year. The purpose of each training was that the management would learn how to communicate openly, to give mutual feedback and also, to speak about values. As a trainer, it is characteristic for her to be open, to have an ability to create a good atmosphere, also an ability to open the trainee and to reach the trainings goals through this. Our management has found a good partner through meetings with Sirje, who has given us the competences to be a better team.

Eduard Enns

Fortum Termest

Tallinna Vesi
Before we announced a competition to find operators for our Pärnu power plant, we were trying to decide whether to advertise in the local newspaper and on the CV Keskus website, or use a recruitment agency. We chose Tammiste Personalibüroo, and it was a good call. About 140 people applied for ten open positions. Considering the amount of work that this small and capable team completed in a month, we were truly glad to have trusted the experts.

Ülle Matt

Ericsson Tallinn

Tallinna Vesi
Tammiste Personalibüroo has been a good partner for many years. Our biggest projects have supported Ericsson managers and specialists through various communication trainings, performance interviews and DiSC training programs. Proficiency, thoroughness and flexibility have characterized the preparation and implementation of the programs, as well as good group involvement skills and a readiness to train in both Estonian and Russian.

Inna Anson

Ruukki Products

Tallinna Vesi
We’ve hired a significant share of our new employees through Tammiste Personalibüroo. Ruukki has its own outplacement program for employees whom we are forced to let go. Sirje has had a major role in this program. Owing to her superior psychology skills and job placement experience, she is the perfect person to counsel and support those who are faced with tough choices in their lives.

Ave Ottesson

MG Beauty

Tallinna Vesi

We were seeking two new product managers. The recruitment process was long and exhausting, as our expectations for the candidates were high. The DiSC survey that allowed us to assess their intensity index and patterns of behavior gave us a very good overview. The positive attitude, thoroughness and patience of project manager  resulted in a very good final outcome.

Monica Kitsing

Eesti Mündiäri

Tallinna Vesi

We were looking for a new employee to replace a person on parental leave. Tammiste Personalibüroo quickly offered us a candidate from their database, and it was a good match. Using their services significantly increased the speed of finding the right person. A substantial assessment of the candidate also provided us with a sense of security that the choice would be the right one.

Liis Vilde

Trüb Baltic

Tallinna Vesi

The employer receives a thorough description of the applicants who have reached the final stages of the recruitment process. I had to meet only 3-4 candidates, helping me get a sense of personal compatibility. Once, we had to organize three competitions to fill one job opening, since two winning candidates simply failed to come to work. Luckily, we did not have to pay threefold for the service, although the recruitment process required three times the agreed work volume.

Annika Oleviste-Jegorova

Environmental Investment Center

Tallinna Vesi

Our last major project was “Self-analysis and the analysis of the team based on the DiSC model” that involved all of our employees. There were some 100 trainees and everything ran like clockwork. Our employees are very satisfied for having had a chance to spice up their work routine and for getting a couple of days to think about their inner world and their colleagues.

Egle Saska

Port of Tallinn

Tallinna Vesi

We conduct annual management training programs. Our goal this year was to provide participants with the skills required for self-analysis and the analysis of colleagues, as well as to make the team work together more effectively. Sirje’s DiSC-based management training completely satisfied this need.

Teet Kurs


Tallinna Vesi

The most valuable aspects of our partnership have been the analysis of applicants’ personal traits, information about previous experience and motivation. These were gathered by thorough interviews and background checks, and put into an extensive summary for each applicant. This information helped us make the right decision. In every sense, the new employee is a great choice.

Raivo Tammeleht

Baltic Pack EST

Tallinna Vesi

We have cooperated in finding professionals for our company, and our endeavors have been successful. Our wishes were taken seriously and the cooperation led to the required solutions. As the CEO, I have been able to free myself of a lot of tension associated with recruitment. 

Marjut Holm


Tallinna Vesi

We had gone through a few years of hell to find suitable employees. The whole process seemed so pointless that we considered the option of closing down our business. Until we found Sirje. She is a valuable investment that has brought us much-needed employees and restored our faith in matching the right employers and employees. 

Hiie Päit

Ülejõe Apteek pharmacy

Tallinna Vesi

I was looking for a chief accountant for my company. We defined our expectations and the project manager prepared the tests and group work assignments. The uniform conditions allowed us to objectively compare all the applicants. The selection process was time-consuming, complicated and costly, but it yielded a desired result.

Raivo Videvik

Elektrum Eesti

Tallinna Vesi

I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with Sirje Tammiste and build a team with whom to face the opening of the Estonian electricity market. Each person who joined us went through in-depth screening and testing. Extensive summaries and background checks were even more important.

Aleksander Peterson

Ruukki Products

Tallinna Vesi

Whenever faced with recruitment challenges, we have used Tammiste Personalibüroo in order to avoid wasting valuable time due to the possibility of hiring the wrong people. We value Sirje Tammiste's competence and reliability, thorough selection methodology, as well as her professionalism and tact that allows her to make the right decisions in such a sensitive field.

Andres Sutt

LVM Kinnisvara AS

Tallinna Vesi

LVM Kinnisvara has a long-term cooperative relationship with Tammiste Personnel Bureau. They have helped us to  find a fairly good colleagues in both Pärnu and Tallinn. During the last half of the year we have with their help new assistant, photographer and brokerage in Pärnu. In co-operation is good for us that they will take into account our expectations and wishes with any new recruitment project. The recruitment process is flexible, creative and thorough.

Communication with them is always very pleasant.

Erika Truuverk


Tallinna Vesi

We have carried out recruitment contests with Sirje and participated in her Test User's training. During the recruitment contest Sirje gave us opportunity to participate in both group work and interview process and gain experience through the process. The employee, who was chosen through the competition, made best results within four months. A lot of help has been from Tests User's training for conducting in-house competitions. 

Sirje has helped to solve us a number of complex situations with her competence, thoroughness and determination. I highly value her professionalism and reliability, as well as thoughtfulness and indulgence which makes cooperation pleasant and smooth.

Andres Männart


Tallinna Vesi

I have collaborated with Sirje Tammiste in many companies and I have recommended Tammiste Personalibüroo's services to my business partners. Last year we found bright and experienced Sales Manager with her help. Both search and selection process went smoothly and efficiently, the attained result has already created significant surplus value for our company.

Thorough preparatory work and investigating client's actual needs are Sirje's strengths. Our cooperation has been honest, open and friendly consultatory. The work that has been done and offered service have been in good relation with the price asked for it!

Eve Kukk

Otto Bock Estonia AS

Tallinna Vesi

Tammiste Recruitment company has been our partner in recruitment, training and coaching projects for nearly 8 years. I know Sirje as a collaborating partner for more than 15 years, therefore I decided to recommend her to my new demanding employer at that time. Sirje chooses her team well. Always recommending the best, keeping things simple, honesty, openness, professionalism and quality - these are the keywords when working with them. Personally, I have learned a lot from Sirje. We haven´t been the easiest partners, we are rather demanding – still at the end of each project we repeatedly experience how well planned and conducted these recruitment projects are. I can always trust the most complicated projects to Tammiste team.

Agris Peedu

The North Estonia Medical Centre

Tallinna Vesi
Our experience with Tammiste Recruitment company has always been great. Active attitude, timeliness, confidentiality and wide network are the keywords The North Estonia Medical Center value about Sire Tammiste´s company the most. As a client, we always feel that we are welcome and services are tailor-maid, not coming out of the production line. The health care sector needs new and strong top specialists and managers. Tammiste Recruitment company has advised us with our recruitment projects and has successfully assisted in selecting the best candidates.