Job Seekers

If you’re looking to open a new chapter in your career, we’d love to help. We guarantee serious commitment and confidentiality. If you choose to apply for a position through us, be prepared to spend some time. We go deep. 

To be successful, you can expect to:

  • participate in group assignments (does not apply to executive searches and headhunting)
  • meet the recruitment manager for an interview that lasts 1-2 hours
  •  complete some tests that help us understand your talents, personality, and behavior patterns. In turn, you will get valuable feedback on test results.

When you add your information to our Talendibaas, don’t forget to apply for a position that interests you.

If there are no job openings that catch your eye, give it a week and check our website again. It may also help to rethink your expectations as you search for your next job. Also, be sure to keep your Talendibaas information up to date. This way, we can invite you to apply for new openings that suit your career best.

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