Job applicants

Siim Kukk

A. Le Coq AS

On the first morning at my new job, I got a nice surprise when a card with good wishes arrived on my desk. Thank you very much! Never before has I had such a personal approach, which is very awesome.

My expectations have been exceeded at the moment, the work environment is pleasant and my colleagues are very helpful and polite. The whole process has been very nice and supportive.

In the first days, I started to familiarize myself with the tasks and systems that are pleasantly challenging. Thanks again for your support and for helping me to get a job here!

Anu Krimm


Sales manager

Once you read a recruitment ad, you form an initial mental image of the job. You cannot get a complete understanding, of course, and this is where Sirje Tammiste can be of a tremendous help. Having made herself thoroughly familiar with the available position and the company, she was able to provide me with a very accurate image of the situation. It is important for expectations to match the reality. Otherwise, you can be easily disappointed.

The competition was rather complicated and demanding. There were so many tests and interviews that I believe hardly any of my personal traits went unnoticed. At the same time, if you are certain of your values then there is really nothing to be afraid of.  

Testing of personal traits was also quite a thorough process that determined my type and suitability for the job. After all, there is no point in a shy person applying for a sales or customer-service position, or an active and adventurous person to assume a routine office job.  

In every stage of the competition, Sirje Tammiste had a clear overview of the situation, vision of the next steps and understanding of the time schedule. I value her straightforward communication that is spiced with compassion and warmth. 

Mark Einaste

Stora Enso Timber

Financial controller

I have experienced applying for a job through a recruitment agency on two occasions. In both cases, the agency was Tammiste Personalibüroo.

While working for a bank, I received several job offers, but none interested me in any way. My interest in the last of these openings was sparked by project manager Angelika Sild. This was probably due to her open communication (straight answers to my questions) and the positive media background of Paikuse Sawmill.

The recruitment itself was a quick and constructive process. It was probably easier for me due to an earlier competition where I applied for a similar job opening at another company.

Rene Kiis

Pere Grupp

Director of Sales and Marketing

I applied for the position of sales and marketing director at Pere Grupp where there were 80+ applicants. In the past, I found employment through recommendations. This time, I had to dedicate a lot of time to get the job. By the time I had reached the phase of meeting the management, I told myself that the process was tougher than a presidential election.

The competition was organized by Sirje Tammiste. The interview was very long and methodical. Instead of answering in abstractions I had to analyze why I had taken certain steps in some of my previous jobs and how I had achieved the results. Instead of being a Q&A session, the interview was an in-depth conversation. At the end of the meeting I got feedback – things that Sirje noticed during our conversation and how she saw my chances of being hired.

Next came a series of comprehensive tests that were used to analyze my personality. Test feedback was also given to me and everything was fairly accurate. Before I was able to meet the company’s management, Sirje Tammiste checked my background with several of my previous colleagues. 

It was a painstaking and systematic process, but at the same time we developed a good personal contact with the consultant, releasing some of the tension associated with the process. Since the beginning of my employment, Sirje has sometimes contacted me to see how I was doing. I can always seek her advice on some “softer” issues. 

If you do not comply with the requirements, there is no point to participate in competitions organized by Sirje Tammiste. Your flaws will certainly surface, as the selection process is extremely tough. At the same time, it makes you think about yourself and gives way to self-discoveries. 

Maigi Peeduli


Managing Director

Sirje Tammiste has a fine understanding of the candidates’ suitability for the company. While the final candidate is selected by the company’s management, the role of the consultant is also significant. She sees and forms an understanding of both parties, making her vision of the compatibility very important.    

During her interviews, Sirje gets under a candidate’s skin and forms a good understanding of the applicant’s nature. Our conversations were very open from the very beginning. Sirje was able to remove the tension of the situation and got to know me much better.

The application process was long and intense. There were many meetings and the number of tests was frightening at first. However, this was compensated by comprehensive feedback – test results revealed things that even I had not noticed before.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that in addition to written feedback, Sirje Tammiste took the time to explain the test results to me. It is one thing to see an abnormally high indicator in a DiSC test, and a completely different thing to interpret this indicator in the context of all the other tests.