The content of our training events is tailored to the specific needs and situation of the company. Both the training and lectures proceed from the needs of the client and aims set for the training. We prepare an individual program for each client.

A company can order either lectures, training days, training events consisting of several days or development programs - development of employees has often a definite role in the achievement of the business aims of the company.

Employee training depends on the goals of each individual client and we can freely combine various training methods and themes.

Are you launching a long-term employee training program? If something in our programs sparks your interest, let us know. We can take our programs and integrate them with those you’ve set up already.

Frequently asked training questions

  • Why do training sessions last two days or more? In the learning process, people must go through certain steps to acquire new skills. For the participant to feel confident about their new skills, at least two days are needed.
  • What is the optimal size for groups? Lectures can accommodate a lot more people, but communication training is best suited for up to 14 participants. This way everyone gets enough practice, there is time for everyone’s questions, and the group can create a trusting, collaborative atmosphere.
  • Why do you use video exercises? These can be stressful. For three-level feedback. Video exercises allow people to watch their own behavior in roleplay situations, listen to other participants’ observations, and feedback from communication trainers.

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