Conflict resolution and intermediation

Many conflicts would never occur if participants would communicate with each other in an honest and caring manner. Conflicts can often escalate and destroy relationships because the parties lack the skills to cope with them. For this reason, managers need to know how to intermediate the differences of employees.

Target group: Managers of various levels and top-level specialists who must lead a team or establish cooperation relationships with partners and clients who may have conflicting interests (also with internal customers).

Training results

  • Participants learn the possibility and necessity of conflict prevention
  • Participants learn to use communication skills and to adjust attitudes and behavior in order to resolve differences of opinion
  • Teams make arrangements to avoid an escalation of conflicts in their communication
  • Managers learn to resolve differences between subordinates

A calm and peaceful attitude towards personal differences will remove much of the tension. If people can discuss their differences while having respect for the partner then different opinions may become valuable, supporting the development and competitiveness of the company.

Conflict management is a two-day course with video feedback, teaching the participants to recognize different conflicts and choose the best behavior to cope with them.  

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