Delegation becomes important when an employee reaches the management level and is not required or able to carry out all tasks on their own anymore. The difficulty is mostly in the employee’s belief that only they can do the work in the best possible way — making the person unable to delegate. Another key question is the ability to delegate tasks in a manner that ensures their proper performance.

Results of the training

  • Participants analyze their duties and decide which tasks to do themselves and which ones to delegate
  • Participants understand the possibilities and risks of delegation
  • Delegation starts from a carefully thought-out action plan. The training provides an opportunity to begin preparing this plan.
  • Participants acknowledge that delegation is a multilevel process that depends on the complexity of tasks and the abilities and motivation of subordinates

This training can be easily organized as a module within the managers’ development program. The subject can be covered in the form of a seminar where participants analyze their employment duties and develop a delegation plan. Delegation may be a sub-topic of time and stress management training.

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