DiSC behavioral profile

DiSC is a test for assessing a person’s behavior and provides a general behavioral profile. The DiSC model allows for a clearer understanding of someone’s behavior, thinking and emotions.

By the time a person reaches adulthood their personality has already formed and cannot be changed. But behavior keeps changing during the lifetime, as the person continues to learn behaviors suitable for different roles.

The learning often takes place through trial and error. By being aware of our behavior and the expectations assigned to specific roles, we can adapt our behavior accordingly.

Using the DiSC test

DiSC identifies 15 behavioral patterns that help to acknowledge the behavioral traits common to the test subject and concentrate on possible development needs. In order to draw the correct conclusions, a person who has completed the test requires the help of a consultant or needs to attend at least a full day of training.

Once employees have been tested, we create an overview of the team and a general frame of reference on the dominant patterns of behavior. This makes it possible to analyze the team’s strengths as well as things that require more attention.

When analyzing the team in greater detail, we use the test results to generate a report of the team’s group culture. This makes it possible to further analyze internal team culture and to understand each other better. The team leader also receives information about the overall team atmosphere and bottlenecks.

Activity planners help create a profile of the subordinate, colleague or customer/partner, based on their behavior. Comparing this profile to your own helps to understand areas of communication where you should pay more attention to ensure successful cooperation. Activity planners are practical tools for people who understand the logic behind the DiSC test and are ready to knowingly adapt their behavior in line with the partner.

DiSC training

DiSC training is mostly team training. The program uses interactive lectures, individual, paired and group exercises, films and playful elements that involve all participants. In addition to one’s own test results, it is always interesting to review the tests of colleagues and use this knowledge to appreciate interpersonal differences. This contributes to better cooperation.

One-day training

Prior to training, participants fill out an online DiSC test.

Training results

  • Participants understand their own behavioral traits and see how their behavior affects others.
  • Increased self-awareness among participants
  • The acquired knowledge helps to understand, honor and value individual differences and discuss various communication strategies aimed at improving cooperation with team members and partners.

Two-day training

A few weeks should be left between two training days. This allows participants to reflect on their test results, notice differences in people’s behavior and think about their personal development plans.

Results of two training days

  • A better understanding of how to apply the DiSC logic in everyday communication
  • Ability to use the practical tools of DiSC (creation of role-based assessment, activity planners, group culture analysis, management of group relations)

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