Effective appraisal interviews

An appraisal interview is an honest conversation between a manager and a subordinate, where the parties analyze a previous time period and set goals for the next.

An appraisal interview is a great opportunity to discuss cooperation and establish clear development objectives for the employee, ensuring better work results and improving the business results of the company.

The first appraisal interview is of the greatest importance to an employee. The better it is conducted, the more successful are subsequent appraisal interviews – it is important to know what is happening and changing. If the first appraisal interview is conducted as a mere formality, it decreases the willingness of employees to take them seriously in the future.

When conducting appraisal interviews, it is vital to manage several processes: subject matters, contents and communication of the interview.

Training results

  • Understanding why and how appraisal interviews are conducted
  • Managers can overcome hesitation and understand the insecurity of their subordinates
  • The skills required for successful appraisal interviews are recognized and practiced
  • Participants learn to give and receive constructive feedback in a way that does not threaten the partner’s self-image

The length of the training depends on the participants’ attitudes towards appraisal interviews, their previous experience and training. If participants so desire and believe that the conversations of managers and their subordinates are important to the management process, then the best results would be achieved by a two-day communication training with video feedback.

In case the participants lack an understanding of the necessity and goals of appraisal interviews, a separate training day should be planned for covering these issues.

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