Emotional intelligence

Management is an art. No one with practical contacts with management is likely to contest that statement. Just like there are many different managers and situations, there is also a variety of different management styles. However, successful managers do have something in common. Daniel Goleman calls it emotional intelligence (EQ). Although his views are considered obsolete, they deserve a closer introduction.

The training gives a thorough overview of the notion of EQ and a possibility for the participants to analyze themselves. When conducting EQ training, the knowledge that emotional intelligence can be developed during a person’s lifetime is probably the best part. Systematic work yields desired results.

Target group: all employees whose work involves self-management, cooperation and communication skills

Results of the training

  • Participants understand the meaning and importance of EQ (self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy and communication skills) and become able to analyze themselves based on this information
  • Participants understand the necessity of EQ development and the possible gains from this process on personal, team and company levels
  • Participants prepare a personal action plan for the development of EQ

This subject can be covered in the form of lectures, as part of a teamwork training or as a module in a managers’ development program.

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