Group processes and their management in a team

Knowledge of the psychological aspects of team development allows a manager to take them into account in the management process. The manager refrains from disturbing the team’s natural processes, builds up patience to cope with unproductive phases and understands the limits of accelerating the arrival of productive phases.

Results of the training

  • Participants learn to understand the psychological principles of team development and to behave correctly as a manager.
  • A manager understands that conflicts constitute a team’s natural developmental stage and cannot be avoided. However, they can be overcome faster when acting wisely.
  • Managers acknowledge that teams reach cooperation after following a certain path of development that must be led by the manager

This topic can be covered as a lecture, seminar or a module in a managers’ development program. It is vital to make managers aware and able to analyze their teams and understand why the teams act in certain ways. This is one of the subjects that managers have found extremely helpful during the course of previous trainings. “Things would have been much simpler if I had only known it earlier,” is a frequent comment received from participants. In order to be a successful manager, a person must know the psychological principles of team development.

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