When a company lets good employees go as a result of restructuring, it is important to offer proper support to help them cope with the situation and find new employment. Offering training to help get on with their lives before terminating the employment relationship shows that the employer cares for its people. This attitude alone can support those who have lost their job.

The structure of the training depends on the competitive strength of the laid-off persons, their social skills and personal traits. The immediate supervisor, the human resources manager and the company manager should be present in the training to express their gratitude.

Subjects covered in previous outplacement training sessions:

  • Changes around us and in our lives – how to cope with them
  • What does a crisis teach us and how can we go through difficulties
  • How to look for a new job: selection of a suitable employer, job search plan, collection and systematisation of information, writing a CV, motivation letter and cover letter, job interview – possible questions and good behavior practices
  • When and how to talk about the previous employer

It is good practice to conduct a parting interview with the persons being outplaced. This provides good feedback about work in the company and a chance to offer the persons some personal support for coping with insecurity.

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