Self-actualization training

Self-actualization is a behavior used to express a person’s needs, thoughts and feelings and protect the person’s rights in a way that allows a partner to do the same. In a relationship, winning is possible only for both parties. One cannot win when the other loses. We teach the win-win attitude.

Target group: managers and top specialists who must be demanding and consistent to achieve professional goals while maintaining good relationships with team members, colleagues and partners.

It is a two-day training with video feedback, concentrating on communication methods that help achieve goals while considering the objectives of the partner.

Training results

  • Participants learn to understand the nature and necessity of self-actualization
  • Through self-analysis, participants understand which situations cause them to be aggressive or submissive
  • Participants learn to behave in a self-actualizing manner, establishing win-win relationships
  • Participants learn communication skills that help maintain openness and balance in a relationship
  • Participants learn to say no and to cope with manipulation

In addition to the two-day training, we recommend to plan a follow-up course that reinforces the acquired communication skills.  

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