Teamwork training

In order for a team to function as one unit, it must spend time together and talk about something else besides work. It is important to get together and think about common goals, ways to achieve them and everyone’s role in it. Teamwork trainings are based on the goals and development needs of each team. Various creativity exercises that allow the participants to open up on a more personal level and help them to get to know their colleagues from a different angle have an important role in the training.

Training results

  • Stronger feeling of unity and increased wish to support each other
  • Participants share personal thoughts while increasing mutual trust and feeling of unity
  • In their new roles team members learn to appreciate their colleagues from a new angle
  • Previously problematic situations are clarified and differences resolved
  • New knowledge about communication, relationships, the formation of personality, values and other training topics.

This training works best when organized as a two-day course with an outing and overnight stay. The training may be combined with team hikes, tasks in nature, etc.

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