Time management

Better use of time is a better management of life. Everyone has the same number of hours in a day, yet some seem to achieve better results. They can prioritize, maintain balance in life and organize work time better.

Target group: managers of various levels, top specialists whose work involves tasks spread out over a longer time and issues requiring quick decisions and the ability to quickly switch from one issue to another.

Training results

  • Participants can set short- and long-term goals, prioritize, organize the daily schedule
  • Participants can recognize and overcome obstacles to achieving goals
  • Overview of time-management tools
  • Participants can use their personal and working time more efficiently

It is important for each participant to find a better balance between their work and personal life. Proper time management helps achieve inner balance and avoid burnout.

The training works best as a one-day course but this theme can also be covered in lectures. We also use time management in our stress-management training sessions.

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