Value-based management

Every manager must convey their values to subordinates in a way that makes them relate to the values of the company and be clearly understandable. Company values are only transferred to everyday life when managers use them as guidance for decision-making.

Value-based conflicts cannot be resolved. People do not change their values because they are fully formed by adulthood. We can adapt to different values and learn to take them into account. In order to excel in cooperation it is vital to agree upon the values that are going to be used as guidance in work-related behavior.

Target group: managers and specialists of international teams, managers of various levels

Training results

  • Participants understand the process of personality formation and the effect of values on behavior and attitudes.
  • Participants acknowledge their values and understand their role in the work of a manager
  • Participants learn to discuss values in a manner understandable to subordinate employees, and establish connections between values and day-to-day behavior
  • The values of the company become clearer to employees and grow to be part of everyday communication.

This training is best held as a one-day course with various exercises bearing a vital importance. Discussing values requires training.

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