Civitta is a leading independent management consultancy in Emerging Europe with headquarters in Estonia, 16 offices in 11 countries and 230+ consultants and experts working for the company. We aim to bring the right minds together to challenge the boundaries and make meaningful changes for our clients.

Team Lead in Management Consulting

Location: Estonia (Tallinn)

Overview of the position: You will be leading a team that helps companies in strategic matters. Typical task always includes understanding the business, it’s market and value proposition. You would need to help company top or middle management to solve strategic issues such as expansion to new markets, efficiency, pricing, process optimization, financing and many other issues. You will be leading a team (typically 2-5 persons, usually at least 2 locations and nationalities) executing these tasks. Quite often you will need to find a sustainable balance between delivering the client work yourself and mentoring more junior team members. You will face the challenge of delivering outstanding quality and maintaining sustainable life work balance. The company will support you in finding that balance.

It is a middle management position in our company and people on those positions are expected to earn a promotion (to associate partner or partner position) in 2-5 years period. Ability to bring in new business accelerates the promotion opportunities.

Example client cases:

Case 1: Leveraged buyout structuring. Civitta was managing a leveraged buyout process of a global leader in specific laboratory products. Our task included evaluation of the company, execution of business due diligence, fundraising from private investors and commercial banks and leading the negotiations with the Seller. Our project manager acted as central contact point for financiers, legal advisors and other parties connected to the transaction. Our team had to demonstrate technical skills in corporate finance and understand market trends, but also master presentation and negotiation skills. Project duration: 12 weeks.

Case 2: Strategy development. Civitta was developing a regional corporate strategy for a major financial institution in the Baltics. Our tasks included facilitation of the strategy sessions and preparation of the strategy documents including setting up the initiatives together with detailed financial forecasting model, implementation plan and target KPIs. In addition, our project manager was coordinating client’s strategy implementation team for 9 months to ensure proper kick-off for the new strategy. Project duration: 14 months.

Experience: According to our experience people with previous career in consulting will be more successful in this position. However, exceptions do exist. At least 3 years of related working experience makes you a strong candidate. Sometimes candidates with less experience but unprecedented drive and intellectual capacity are outbeating the experience. Candidates fluent in the Estonian will have an advantage to work also with public sector projects.

Offer: Civitta is a “people’s company”- we continuously challenge our working environment for improvement,  we focus on employees’ growth and motivation. We offer relevant soft- and hard-skilled trainings and encourage our employees to participate in dynamic projects across various industries, within and beyond our home markets. Join the adventure to further strengthen our position as leading consultants, both in private and public sectors and export our knowledge and expertise to other regions in Europe and beyond.

Process: The recruitment process consists of a minimum three rounds of interviews. Shortlisted candidates will also solve a case study. Throughout the process we will aim to learn about you, but you will also be able to learn about us. 

If you feel that this position could be the one you are looking for then please apply with CV (in English) via cv.tammistepersonal.ee by the 19th  of April, 2018.

More information will be available by calling to Ingrid Valgma +372 5647 4777 or ingrid@tammistepersonal.ee.

Confidentiality will be guaranteed!